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To aggressively provide an industry leading, customer focused, secured environment for our clients and partners.

The goal of Alliance Security Solutions is to be a Full service security apparatus seeking to ensure the satisfaction of each client, our ally.

Alliance Security Solutions was founded to not only give a service, but to create partnerships with our clients, to adhere to all their needs, truly creating an alliance. We serve a multitude of allies in a variety of industries never allowing barriers or business norms to discourage expansion into new customer segments.

Our core values are integrity, support, and diligence, which are self explanatory from a security stand point, but endeavoring to take service to the next level we have developed our Alliance service promise, We believe that appearance, action, and assertiveness are the keys to providing top of the line protection within service.

Firstly with Appearance, We seek to represent, as well as enhance our allied companies, and through appearance, we can make sure that the first impression will be a lasting impression. We believe that a professional and groomed image commands respect and attention.

Secondly Action, responding and resolving situations, in a respectful, and fulfilling manner. By doing this, we make sure that the means of action we take leads to the end that is best for the situation and is highly satisfying to our allies.

Lastly, Assertiveness being aware of the environment around us to assess, record, and report any findings. Being ever vigilant and using our experience, training, and expertise to assist our ally in any environment, whether it be prevention or dissolution of the matter at hand.

Field Work- We pride our selves with over 20 years of experience and collectively thousands of hours of expertise in security, asset protection, law enforcement, private investigations work, as well as celebrity and executive protection.

Accreditation- Alliance has always been about taking things higher and even with education we uphold this standard. So we didn't stop at the bare minimum of being a security business, we strived to do more. We wanted to find creative and better ways to serve our allies, and that search has led us to Alliance Security Solutions officials having secured many credentials including, Bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, and a wide range of certificate's from law enforcement to loss prevention taking knowledge of protection and service to the next level.

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